What’s in a name?

Since its inception, TANZ eCampus has worked diligently to earn a credible reputation, one it rightly deserves. At the helm of a quantum paradigm shift in the education sector, pioneering the way for flexible, accessible learning, the online campus strives for quality learning opportunities within a lifelong, technology supported learning environment.

It’s the name on many successful students’ and graduates’ lips, but some may still be wondering about what the ‘TANZ’ stands for. TANZ stands for Tertiary Accord of New Zealand. TANZ has been successfully collaborating since 2000, when four of New Zealand’s major tertiary education providers launched an alliance to improve educational opportunities and support services for students.

The Accord’s mandate was to, through collaboration, strengthen and enhance the performance of member institutions and the Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics. This leadership has given rise to an understanding that New Zealand wants and deserves a better vocational system. TANZ eCampus was created out of this joint vision, honouring this shared commitment to excellence in vocational and applied education.

Programmes are currently offered on the TANZ eCampus platform by Ara Institute of Canterbury, Otago Polytechnic (OP), Universal College of Learning (UCOL), Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology (NMIT), Eastern Institute of Technology (EIT), NorthTec, and Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology. Through these strategic partnerships, underpinned by trust, integrity and credibility, TANZ eCampus is the architect of a gamechanging education service that is confronting the previous barriers to education head on and mitigating these by providing a more accessible service.

Students are studying what they want, when they want (within the requirements of their chosen Programme of Study) and, how they want, which is an unprecedented flexibility afforded by innovative pedagogy and technology designed to be engaging and supportive.

TANZ eCampus CEO Pamela Simpson says that this is a continuous journey, with a need for a far more digitally interactive approach to course provision. TANZ eCampus is striving to create strong, digital learning pathways, for its many students, from all walks of life.

“TANZ eCampus has the ability to provide personal recommendations tailored to the learner’s programme of study and their abilities. It can and will change the game.”