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TANZ eCampus uses data to improve how we support our learners, how we design and develop the TANZ eCampus platform and our courses, and how we can make the learner experience better. Data plays an important part in our continuous improvement strategies. In short, the data we collect helps us to be better at what we do and how we do it.

Our use of data is informed by two key policies – our Privacy policy (which follows the Privacy Act 1993) and our Data Governance policy. It’s important for you to know just how seriously we take the use of data and the rules we follow to ensure we use it safely, ethically and for the purposes we collect it. Please feel free to read our Privacy policy—it explains in detail the rules we follow and how we meet them.


TANZ ecampus Learner Rights and Responsibilities

TANZ eCampus Terms of Service

TANZ eCampus Staff Professional Responsibilities and Required Behaviour

TANZ eCampus computer requirements

TANZ eCampus Privacy Policy

TANZ eCampus Learner Concerns and Complaints Policy

TANZ eCampus Health and Safety

TANZ eCampus Guide to Setting up Outlook and Office 365

TANZ eCampus Compassionate Withdrawal Guidelines

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