Like everyone in New Zealand, the TANZ eCampus team is shocked and saddened by the terrible events that happened in Christchurch on March 15 2019. Our hearts go out to the victims and their families and friends.

This was an unprovoked attack on the very freedoms we hold dear; one solely created by one person’s hatred. Now is the time for us to stand united and not let hatred define us, either as individuals, a city, or a nation.

We also pay tribute to the first responders and emergency services, particularly the New Zealand Police, St John Ambulance, and hospital staff. Your bravery represents the very best of our country.

Pamela Simpson, CEO, TANZ eCampus


2018 Year in review

Whāia te iti kahurangi, ki te tuohu koe, me he maunga teitei. Seek that which is most precious, if you bow your head, let it be to a lofty mountain.

Photo of Pamela Simpson - CEO, TANZ eCampus

2018 was an outstanding year for everyone involved with TANZ eCampus.

We achieved, supported and facilitated almost 6000 learner enrolments. These learners greatly benefited from our flexible approach to learning and our commitment to innovation. Hearing their stories and the difference we’ve made to their lives is truly immeasurable.

Not only did our learner numbers substantially increase in 2018, our number of tertiary institute partners grew from 6 to 7 as we welcomed Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology to the platform.

Our tremendous growth this year would not have been possible without the TANZ eCampus team which included our employees and contractors. Over the past 2 years, we have grown to 135 team members across New Zealand. I applaud everyone’s expertise, professionalism and commitment to our learners. Together we are achieving brilliant results.

Now is the time for us to look back on the last year and plan for the future. For TANZ eCampus, 2018 has been a year of wonderful growth and incredible success and I am excited about what the future holds.

Pamela Simpson
CEO, TANZ eCampus

2018 at a Glance

2018 was a year of growth, innovation and inspirational learner stories. Take a look at what we accomplished together.


EFTS* in 2018
*Equivalent full-time students


Learners started learning with TANZ eCampus in 2018
(849 in 2017)


Courses successfully completed by learners in 2018


*Unaudited financial result


Return on opening equity
*Unaudited financial result


Return on operating surplus
*Unaudited financial result

Our learner success rates compared favourably with other New Zealand online providers.

What success means online

Internationally[1] and in NZ, research shows that online learner success rates are around 15% lower than face-to-face and blended learning. This is why course completion rates are typically lower for online learning providers like TANZ eCampus.

[1]CCRC Research Review 2013; Public Policy Institute of California 2014


Level 3 and 4 course completions
(% EFTS successful)


Level 5 and 6 course completions
(% EFTS successful)


Level 7 course completions
(% EFTS successful)

What our learners think.


Are happy to recommend their course to others.


Said the online experience was well suited to the way they learn.


Said the course assessments are based on real world task or situations.

I would definitely recommend studying with TANZ eCampus. The things I have learned are shaping my thinking for the better…

Tane Edwards - New Zealand Diploma in Business

The experience has been great. I totally recommend studying with TANZ eCampus. They are awesome to study with and give great support...

Charlotte Kahukiwa - NZ Certificate in Business (First Line Management)

I am working towards securing a career where I can enjoy the benefits of good hours and pay with a healthy level of challenge involved so I can apply the skills and knowledge learnt…

Natalie Nairn - New Zealand Certificate in Business (Administration and Technology)

Our course line-up expanded to give learners a broad range of online learning opportunities.


Courses offered including 23 new courses in 2018.


Course occurrences enabling learners to fit their course start dates around their busy lives.


NZQA qualifications offered.

This kept our enrolment and sales team busy handling a record number of enquiries and enrolments.


Learner enquiries received.


Applications received.
*Application tracking only launched in June 2018.


Enrolments in 2018
(1,759 in 2017)

Proving that not only study can be done anywhere and anytime, our team operates as a virtual office. This enables TANZ eCampus to access the best of the best, nationally and internationally.


ITP* Partners.
*Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics


TANZ eCampus team members




Student Advisors

Learn about our people

Learn about TANZ eCampus’ modern working environment

While taking online by storm.


Website users
(34,780 in 2017)


Website sessions
(85,858 in 2017)


Organic searches
(11,777 in 2017)


Direct searches
(10,153 in 2017)


Social media followers


Interactions with our social media content


Views of our blog

Delivering What’s Important to our Learners

In 2018, over 2300 learners accessed the courses and knowledge they needed to make it happen.

Learners by age

  • under 25: 28%
  • 25-34: 35%
  • 35-44: 20%
  • 45-54: 13%
  • 55+: 3%

Learners by level

  • Level 3: 38%
  • Level 4: 36%
  • Level 5: 25%
  • Level 6 & 7: 1%

Learners by gender

  • Female: 73%
  • Male: 27%

Learners by ethnicity

  • European/Pākehā: 61%
  • Māori: 27%
  • Asian: 4%
  • Pacific People: 4%
  • MELAA (Middle Eastern, Latin American, African): 1%
  • Other: 3%

How we are ensuring more learners succeed.

Improved access to web-based FAQs, eBooks and study guides.

Dedicated advisors assigned to help learners with a range of support including motivation, study support, and guidance.

Improved induction and orientation tools to help learners on-board.

Utilising data analytics and predictive analysis to identify and shape our support to our learners.

‘Getting started’ courses that prepare learners for studying online.

Implementing a programme based on the principles of Te Whare Tapa Wha, a holistic Māori health and wellbeing model, to help learners get ready for study, establish good study habits and understand online learning.

What they said about TANZ eCampus.


Could easily navigate to the tools they needed


Agreed they were given effective guidance on the use of the technology


Said their Learning Facilitator was active and engaged


Said it was clear what was expected of them to progress


Said the marking was fair


Received their results in a timely fashion

What they said we could improve on.

Not receiving login details as these are going to junk mail.

What we did

Learners now receive clear instructions on how to access their login details, which is followed up with a text message from their Student Advisor.

Provide more notice of shut-down periods.

What we did

A change management process in place to ensure learners are well informed of any shut down periods.

Provide better information for courses where textbooks are required.

What we did

This information is now included on the website.

Improve learning material quality control to identify and fix spelling, grammatical errors and formatting issues.

What we did

A Course Development Assistant employed to proof read material prior to release. Academic Leads also provide assessment and marking schedule checks as part of the final course evaluation.

Other improvements in response to learner feedback.

Fixing annoying broken links

A common online problem, our solution was to implement Link Crawler. This software systematically checks for broken links in our online courses so we can proactively update or replace them.

Recognising diverse learning preferences

As our learner numbers grew, we needed to cater for a variety of diverse learning preferences. Our solution was to update our learning design quality standards to ensure greater quality of content and resources.

Relevant & authentic assessments

Learners expect their course assessments to be based on ‘real world’ tasks and situations. Our solution was to situate learners in realistic work place environments by integrating relevant business applications such as Xero and ZOHO Project and Database into assessments.

Meet Our Learners

Our growth represents many individuals and stories of learners whose lives have been empowered and often, changed forever. People like…

photo of Fono Tuvalu Fuimaono

Fono Tuvalu Fuimaono

As the Pacific Advisor for Pharmac in Wellington, a matai for his family in New Zealand and Samoa and a father of two, Fono cares about people.

Due to his desire to understand people and human resources, Fono began a qualification in Applied Management in 2017. He is now very close to completing his degree.

Read more
photo of Dana Carmont

Dana Carmont

As a track rider, Dana spends her days riding race horses at Awapuni Track in Palmerston North. She also works for Statistics New Zealand and the Racing Integrity Board.

A busy woman with little spare time, Dana has managed to fit studying online with TANZ eCampus into her full and busy schedule.

Read more
photo of James Witanga

James Witanga

Hardworking and humble, James didn’t manage to finish high school, but his success story is testament to the value of flexible online learning.

Having completed his Level Three New Zealand Certificate in Business (Introduction to Team Leadership), James was thrilled to take his learning and apply it in a practical environment.

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Photo of Kelly Richardson

Kelly Richardson

Running her own business as well as being backup for her partner’s panel beating business, it boggles the mind that Kelly would have capacity to undertake a qualification while also juggling young children.

However, showing no signs of slowing down, Kelly graduated with a New Zealand Diploma in Business from TANZ eCampus.

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Photo of Robert Pocock

Robert Pocock

Working up to 14 hours a day in the dairy sector, as well as having a young child, makes it hard to take on study to enhance career options.

However, Robert didn’t let that stand in his way, graduating from TANZ eCampus with a NZ Certificate in Business (First Line Management) following twelve months of study.

Read more
Photo of Onna Tangifolau

Onna Tangifolau

The beauty of different cultures is that they each carry with them their own time honoured traditions. There can also be challenges to overcome but as we have so often been taught – in challenge lies opportunity.

This is something that TANZ eCampus student Onna Tangifolau has held close to her heart on her education journey.

Read more

See more of our learner success stories

The TANZ eCampus Learning Platform

Our platform is based upon a principle of integration. The portal is a world-first integration of Open Source (Moodle) with Microsoft technologies to provide a unique user experience and power social communication. This enables us to evolve, modify and change as our learners needs and requirements change.

Delivering a great experience

Our IT and Innovation team worked hard to make the TANZ eCampus platform the best it can be for our learners, team and partners. With general support services between 8:00AM and 11:00pm and enhanced support within normal business hours, our support team resolved around 1200 support tickets per month.


System Uptime


Support tickets resolved


Support hours

Building a platform for growth

In addition, the team implemented new features and innovations to set up the TANZ eCampus platform for the next phase of growth.

Enhancement of Leads Features

Improved management of enquiries and faster progression of applications and enrolments. Enabled tracking of referrals from our ITP partner websites.

Integrated Course Results into CRM

Embedded learner results details within CRM to enable Student Advisors to track learner progress.

New Analytics Action Framework

A new framework has enabled both rules-based and machine learning analysis of our learner data to significantly improve student on-boarding.

New Portal Learner Notes Features

Enabled our Student Advisors and Facilitators to better track student feedback and progress, providing a richer learner experience.

Improved dashboards

Made our platform easier to use and helped learners and facilitators better manage their current and upcoming courses.

Introduction of Learning Object Repository

Introduced the use of the EQUELLA learning content repository system. The repository contains in excess of 3000 learning resources with access to be provided to ITP partners by Q2 2019.

Powered by big data and analytics

A key strategic component of TANZ eCampus is the evolving use of ‘big data and analytics’ to understand the learner journey, the online learning experience, and our business performance.

Business Analytics

We use data-driven insights to inform and shape continuous improvement strategies and support decision-making across all levels of the business.

Learner Analytics

Developments in technology, source systems, processes, and product and experience design have enriched our ability to understand, describe and enhance the learner experience.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning

2018 saw the creation and deployment of our first Machine Learning model into production. This work has also informed the use of rules-based engines, workflow automation, and intervention design.

A Timeline of Growth and Innovation

25 2019

Introduction of Learning Object Repository

The EQUELLA learning object repository system contains in excess of 3000 learning resources. It’s expected that access will be provided to ITP partners by Q2 2019.

24 2019


Sought by industry, TANZ eCampus is developing micro-credential products. These are new stand-alone education products that enable learners to access specific knowledge and skills in a cost-effective and time-efficient way.

23 December 2018

Cadetship Model

In partnership with BCITO and industry, TANZ eCampus is developing a 21st century construction Cadetship Model to create industry credible Technician level Quantity Surveyors and Construction Managers.

22 October 2018

Learning analytics service for blended learning

Ran a successful pilot using the TANZ eCampus platform to support the provision of learner analytics via blended learning delivery, opening the door to other course design such as micro-learning and credentialing.

21 August 2018

Customised Learner Dashboard for Employers

We created a specific dashboard for a company who has enrolled several staff at TANZ eCampus. This allows the company to track staff progress and support their study during work hours.

20 July 2018

Authentic simulated in-work learning experience

Integrated web based applications to provide a realistic simulated in-work environment experience for project management students.

19 June 2018

Toi Ohomai partners with TANZ eCampus

We welcomed Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology to the fold, increasing our ITP partners from six to seven.

18 April 2018

Partnership with Xero

TANZ eCampus partnered with Xero to support development of a tool for building realistic educational scenarios and interactive learning experiences. The Xero Lifelong Learning Platform (Xero Learn) is now being used in TANZ eCampus courses.

17 December 2017

Major enrolment process update

Completely revamped the enquiry and enrolment process via CRM, enabling course lifecycle management and learner enrolment lifecycle tracking from enquiry to course completion.

16 September 2017

Live Chat goes live

Live chat functionality added to website to provide live support.

15 August 2017

Redesign learner notes feature

Update Learner notes features to allow Student Advisors and Facilitators to better track student feedback and progress.

14 August 2017

Biggest month for website traffic since inception

Reach a milestone hitting 9,000 website visits in a month for the first time.

13 August 2017

1000 learners on-boarded

High fives all round as we welcome our 1000th learner to TANZ eCampus.

12 May 2017

2nd TANZ eCampus website goes live

To cater for our exponential growth in learners and courses, we launch our next generation website.

11 March 2017

Learner pilot with BCITO

Subscription model pilot enabling online workplace training opportunities goes live.

10 March 2017

Data Warehouse now active

As a result of the design work initiated in 2016, the data warehouse goes into production, drawing together data from across the TANZ eCampus technology stack and TANZ network.

9 March 2017

TANZ eCampus is incorporated

With the viability of TANZ eCampus now proven, the sale of IP from our partner ITPs to TANZ eCampus Ltd transitions the organisation from project to ‘service delivery’ entity.

8 November 2016

We reach 450 enrolments

Through a staged increase in course and service development and learning platform support, we reach 450 enrolments.

7 May 2016

Dynamics CRM implemented

Management of learner info, data and relationships enriched through Dynamics CRM (Customer Relationship Management) design and implementation.

6 April 2016

TANZ eCampus website goes live

TANZ eCampus goes live, initially with a small number of courses. We welcome our first (non-pilot) learners.

5 February 2015

First pilot courses delivered

Work continues to adapt the portal, processes and backend technologies to deliver TANZ eCampus first pilot courses.

4 October 2014

Develop portal for pilot delivery

Proof of concept project to develop the TANZ eCampus portal as the core learning platform for learners, facilitators and student advisors.

3 2014

Unbundling of delivery

Analysis of a new approach to delivery of wholly online learner education.

2 2013 - 2014

Creation of learning design framework

Development of quality and learning design framework to form the foundation for building teaching and learning resources.

1 August 2013

Business case is approved

The Tertiary Accord of New Zealand (TANZ), a collaborative group of leading New Zealand ITPs, approve the business case for the development of TANZ eCampus.

In Memory of Graham Crombie

Photo of Graham Crombie

This annual review is dedicated to the memory of Graham Crombie.

A leading Dunedin business figure, Graham served on numerous boards, companies and organisations and was the Chairman of TANZ eCampus Ltd at the time of his passing.

Graham was a great friend to TANZ eCampus and had worked with us since the organisation started. He was an incredible asset to the TANZ eCampus Board and was completely committed to the future of TANZ eCampus. He will be greatly missed.

“Kia hora te marino, kia whakapapa pounamu te moana, kia tere te kaarohirohi a, ko tou hoa haere, ko te rangimarie.”

“May the calm be widespread, may the ocean glisten like greenstone, may the shimmer of light dance across your pathway and may peace itself be your travelling companion.”

Thank you for making it happen

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