Top 10 Tips for Online Learning

Here are our top 10 study tips to help you learn online successfully.

Team Leadership

Introduction to Team Leadership

Put your best foot forward and learn the skills and knowledge required to move into your first team leadership role.

Writing an Academic Essay

Writing an Academic Essay

Learn the skills needed for good essay writing and be able to critically discuss and evaluate ideas within a set word limit.

Writing a Business Report

Writing a Business Report

Reports may take a variety of forms. Learn the ideal structure and language used when writing a business report!

APA Referencing

Introduction to APA Referencing

Referencing means showing where you got your information from (citing your sources). This is a beginners’ guide to APA referencing.

Academic Reading

Tips for Academic Reading

Once you master the academic reading process you’ll find you will remember more and have to reread less often.

Linking Words and Phrases

Linking Words and Phrases

You can write better! Using linking words between sentences and paragraphs can help to make your writing flow logically.

Analysing Case Studies

How to apply Case Studies

Some of your assignments may require that you analyse Case Studies. Learn how to ensure that your analysis is professional and accurate.

Writing a Literature Review

A literature review is a critical evaluation of different sources. Learn how to do this important process correctly!

Presenting a Seminar

Presentations and Seminars

Preparation, planning and practice. Learn how to deliver successful seminar presentations.

Mind Maps

Creating Mind Maps and Brainstorms

Mind maps are a great way of organising your thoughts, especially if you are a visual learner.