Our Facilitators

  • Ali Hughes
    Ali Hughes

    After a successful career and leadership roles in the private sector, Ali is currently enjoying the role of TANZ eCampus facilitator and is committed to finding ways to improve the learner experience.

    “I have a passion for education and love the way that online learning opens opportunities for learners who may not have the chance to study by more conventional methods”.

    Ali provides facilitation for the NZ Diploma in Business (Leadership). Ali also has a consultancy business, lectures in Leadership at ARA, manages contracts with the Ministry of Education and the Education Council and supports her sport of choice – basketball!

  • Will Soward
    Will Soward

    ‘Will is a photographer, filmmaker and digital creative, he facilitates many TANZ eCampus courses directly related to the Creative Industry.’

    “I see so many learners begin their study with some ability, but little confidence in what they’re capable of. These online courses confirm to learners that they have a good base level of skill. This then lifts them up and helps them see that they can achieve great things. I can think of many times where learners have advanced their careers because of what they have discovered about themselves during their study,” says Will.




  • Jane Hobson
    Jane Hobson

    Jane is a facilitator for the New Zealand Certificate in Business (Introduction to Team Leadership) (Level 3). She has a strong belief that students get the most out of learning when they reflect on how they can apply the leadership concepts and models presented in the course to their own workplace.  Jane is driven by helping students understand and develop their own leadership skills.

    “I originally trained as a physiotherapist, but I have found myself teaching in whatever field I have been working in – physio, ESOL, music management.  When I had a young family, I grabbed the opportunity to move from university lecturing to teaching online”. 

  • Pauline Lee
    Pauline Lee

    Pauline is driven by assisting learners to make progress, learn new skills and achieve their goals.

    “A highlight for me of online learning is working with learners at both ends of the spectrum. I enjoy helping those who are, or have been, in the workforce to gain qualifications and to reflect their experience and I enjoy working with those learners who are starting on their learning journey and to see their progress and confidence gained”.

    Pauline facilitates courses in the Certificate in Business (Administration and Technology).

  • Ingrid Wahrlich
    Ingrid Wahrlich

    Ingrid Wahrlich has spent 25 years working in the adult education sector, teaching adults and school leavers in personal and business development programmes. Ingrid is currently a Senior Academic Tutor at North Tec and holds a Bachelor Degree in Applied Management.

    “I love seeing people growing and learning and how education provides the key to this. It is absolutely life changing”.

    Ingrid is a facilitator for the New Zealand Certificate in Business (Administration and Technology).

  • Kim Proctor-Western
    Kim Proctor-Western

    A Specialist Fisheries Maritime Lawyer, Kim works part time as a facilitator for TANZ eCampus offering her expertise to students completing courses from the New Zealand Diploma in Business.

    “Teaching is in my DNA, my parents are both educators, my siblings are educators and my grandmother too! I can’t help myself,” says Kim. “I love to share knowledge and guide people to apply that knowledge. Recently one of my students came to me with a contract she had drafted, I couldn’t offer her much by the way of comments and improvements as she had done such a good job! And I empowered her to do that!”




  • Donna Petry
    Donna Petry

    Donna Petry is a senior facilitator with more than 26 years’ experience lecturing in the tertiary sector.

    “Helping people to grow, develop and achieve their goals is what drives me to work with students,” says Donna. “The TANZ eCampus online learning platform really helps students to move through the courses with relative ease. It’s great.”

    Donna facilitates courses from the New Zealand Diploma in Business.




  • Shaw James
    Shaw James

    Shaw James is an experienced facilitator with a background in management. He currently facilitates courses from the New Zealand Certificate of Business and the New Zealand Diploma of Business. 

    “I enjoy seeing the lights come on when I work with students,” says Shaw. I really like working with motivated students who want to add value to our society.”

    In his spare time, Shaw enjoys family, reading and snow skiing.




  • Bryony Tesar
    Bryony Tesar

    Giving her students confidence in their own abilities, Bryony Tesar sees her role as a facilitator guiding and empowering her students.

    “I always encourage my students to read my postings online and then follow their own learning path. They should also take advantage of our online forums by sharing their knowledge and learning from others,” says Bryony.

    Bryony facilitates courses from the New Zealand Certificate in Business (Administration and Technology) and The New Zealand Diploma in Business (Accounting).




  • Rob Meadows
    Rob Meadows

    To see people grow in their abilities, confidence, and self-esteem is what drives, Rob Meadows to teach. 

    “It’s great to see students achieve because of completing study. Knowing my students have made amazing life changing decisions and carved new paths for themselves and their families is a real highlight,” says Rob.

    Rob facilitates TANZ eCampus online project management courses including the New Zealand Certificate in Project Management.




  • Melanie Baynes
    Melanie Baynes

    Knowing that students who complete study will most likely experience career benefits to help their future is what drives Melanie Baynes to teach.

    “I enjoy working with students throughout their learning journey and seeing how they go from strength to strength in all aspects of their work. TANZ eCampus offers people the opportunity to study in their own time, yet be connected to a team of people who are committed to providing an excellent learning experience for them,” she says.

    Melanie is a facilitator of leadership courses from the New Zealand Certificate of Business and the New Zealand Diploma of Business.




  • Rhonda McSkimming
    Rhonda McSkimming

    An experienced facilitator and administrator, Rhonda has significant experience of tertiary environments. Rhonda McSkimming facilitates administration and technology courses for TANZ eCampus.

    “I greatly enjoy seeing students succeed with my help and support. It is an incredibly satisfying feeling when they “get it”, says Rhonda.

    In her spare time, Rhonda enjoys sewing, reading, walking and travel.




  • Klaasz Brukel
    Klaasz Brukel

    Klaasz Breukel is senior graphic designer, visual artist and lecturer with more than 20 years’ industry experience. Originally from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, he currently resides in sunny Nelson with his family.

    Klaasz facilitates the graphic design courses at TANZ eCampus. “I love sharing my passion for design and get immense joy when things just fall into place for students and they start having fun with their newly learnt skills.” Klaasz seeks out the best resources available for his students and strives to inspire them with examples of spectacular art, designs and clever thinking.







  • Steve Hobson
    Steve Hobson

    A chartered accountant and teacher, Steve Hobson facilitates the New Zealand Diploma in Business - Introduction to Accounting and Taxation course.

    As a facilitator, he says watching students succeed, no matter what age, no matter what level is very satisfying.

    “It’s a real highlight when you see something ‘click’ with a student. Small successes are just as satisfying as the large,” says Steve.

  • Phil Greenlees
    Phil Greenlees

    Facilitator Phil Greenlees has some words of wisdom for learners - plan well during the week and reward yourself with a relaxing weekend!

    “One of the highlights for me as a facilitator is seeing people achieve their chosen qualification path and assisting them in making the right decisions to improve their career opportunities”.

    Phil is a facilitator in Small Business Planning and when he’s not facilitating at TANZ eCampus he is an associate of a start up business that delivers training and development to people in the workplace.

  • Eswaranathan Ehambaranathan (Nathan)
    Eswaranathan Ehambaranathan (Nathan)

    Nathan facilitates Project Management, Leadership, Business and Management courses. He is also a lecturer at IPU (PTE), UCOL (Polytechnic) and as an associate lecturer with University of Liverpool, UK (online facilitator).

    “Students needs to take responsibility for their studies in order maximise their experience with TANZ eCampus. Time management is essential. I enjoy witnessing student’s success. I feel my role is to assist students to achieve their goals in a timely and well supported way”.

  • Eileen Roddy
    Eileen Roddy

    Eileen Roddy facilitates TANZ eCampus Business (Administration & Technology) courses. She is a highly experienced educator with a keen interest in flexible learning opportunities, enabling learners to fit their study around existing work and family commitments. Eileen enjoys working with students on their journey towards achieving their career goals. Her interests include family, travel, reading and gardening. 

  • Michael Martin
    Michael Martin

    Michael Martin facilitates Introduction to Project Management.

    “I want to make sure that my students not only understand the material, but can effectively apply their knowledge in their day-to-day jobs”.


    When he’s not sharing his passion for learning and education, Michael enjoys classical and church music.

  • Michael Verhaart (Dr)
    Michael Verhaart (Dr)

    As a lecturer/associate professor, Michael has been involved in facilitating Information Technology courses in the tertiary sector for over 30 years.  Highlights for Michael during that time include students developing web sites that are used by real businesses and facilitating classes using modern technologies.

    “Online learning enables students to continue with their professional and personal lives and organise their learning around this”.

    Michael facilitates courses in the Computing Programmes including NZ Certificate in Computing (Intermediate User - Level 3) and New Zealand Certificate in Information Technology Essentials (Level 4).

  • Alta Els
    Alta Els

    Alta Els loves to stay connected with her students and to follow their career paths. She makes them all promise that they will find her when they buy their first Ferrari and take her for a ride!

    “I had always wanted to be a teacher but when the time came to leave school I chose to study the intriguing and wonderful world of Industrial Psychology. This certainly was the right choice for me but, whatever I do, I find there is always a teaching component involved. I absolutely love working with people, I’m a continuous learner and I love sharing all these wonderful things I discover on my journey with others”.

    Alta is a facilitator for Applied Management courses.

  • Kiriwai Te Whero
    Kiriwai Te Whero

    Kiriwai Te Whero is a tutor at NorthTec with over nine years’ experience in the tertiary education sector. During that time Kiriwai has worked alongside, and provided support to, adult learners across all levels of the learning spectrum.

    “I’m able to communicate with learners in a way where they feel a sense of belonging, in a way where they feel they can reach out for help and be guided in a way they understand. Being able to communicate through technology is very new to some learners so, what drives my interest is allowing learners to reach their online learning goals, knowing that I’ve made an impact on their lives and opened their eyes to many possibilities”.

    Kiriwai is a facilitator for the New Zealand Certificate in Business (Administration and Technology) (Level 3).