Why study online

Our online courses work with your lifestyle to give you a flexible study option. This means you have the freedom to choose when to study and how to make your tertiary education programme meet your requirements. Now you can work, earn, live and learn with flexible online learning.

How do I enrol?

You can enrol today by completing our enquiry form

How long are the courses?

Every course has different lengths or number of weeks to complete.  The factors that cause the differences include the number of credits per course, the level that the course is at ie if it is Level 3 or Level 4 etc.  However most TANZ eCampus courses are delivered over a period of 9-14 weeks. Check the relevant course page for course specific information.

Can I study fees-free?

From 1 January 2018, tertiary education has been fees-free for eligible first-time tertiary students on programmes level 3 and above. This exciting news was not just for school leavers. The ability to study fees-free is open to anyone of any age, provided they meet the eligibility criteria. To learn more about fees-free tertiary education visit https://www.feesfree.govt.nz

How many hours do I need to study a week?

Depending on your previous academic and/or work experience, the number of hours required each week will vary to a certain degree. As a guide NZQA suggests that each credit is worth 10 hours of total study time, so a 15 credit course delivered over 10 weeks will require approximately 15 hours per week of study. The study can take many different forms of engagement, including reading, discussing, reflecting on practice etc..

Can I study as a full-time student?

If you want to study as a full-time student you must enrol on more than one course at a time. Please refer to Studylink definition of a full-time student – https://www.studylink.govt.nz/about-studylink/glossary/full-time-definition.html

Is my qualification recognised?

Any study completed online through TANZ eCampus is industry recognised, NZQA accredited and internationally accepted.  The Qualification that you complete through TANZ eCampus is awarded by one of our partner tertiary education providers (Institution of Technology Polytechnics (ITPs). Your qualification will be of equal merit to a qualification completed face to face on-campus

Who are TANZ eCampus’ partner institutions?

TANZ eCampus was established by seven of New Zealand’s leading tertiary education providers. These are Ara Institute of Canterbury, Otago Polytechnic, Universal College of Learning (UCOL), Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology (NMIT), Eastern Institute of Technology (EIT), Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology, and NorthTec.

Can I get student loan support?

Courses and qualifications through TANZ eCampus are eligible for student loan support on condition that you meet certain criteria set by Studylink. To find out more visit https://www.studylink.govt.nz/

When do the courses start?

One of the major benefits of completing study with TANZ eCampus is the flexible nature of our course timetable, with courses available to start at regular intervals throughout the year.

How will I be supported?

Studying at TANZ eCampus is all about you. You will be supported by your own advisor who will follow you through your learning journey, helping you along the way to reach your study goals. Our portal helps us track your progress – we will regularly check in and see how you are going and, if you need help, we will step in to give you the guidance you need to kick your study back into gear.

Are there exams or assessments?

Courses will have assessments that must be completed and submitted by prescribed due dates.

What are the computer requirements?

TANZ eCampus will be accessible on most modern devices including tablets and smartphones, but some specialty resources or software may be required for specific courses. We recommend you have access to a desktop/laptop computer. The computer requirements can be viewed by downloading the TANZ eCampus computer requirements [PDF, 42KB] document.

What support will I get from my facilitator?

You will be assigned your own advisor who will support and guide you through your learning journey. You will also have access to experienced course facilitators who are dedicated to helping you achieve your study goals.

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