Business is getting sassy!

There is no doubt that we are now firmly ensconced in the digital age. Technology is advancing exponentially, and as it does it is reinventing how we do business. A ‘democratisation’ is occurring, making specialist tools more accessible to small and medium sized businesses than ever before.

It wasn’t that long ago that we had to purchase our Microsoft Office suite of products for a hefty price from a retailer, take it home and download it. Now, we simply pay a monthly fee and download it from the internet.

It was normal for small business owners to outsource their accounting to a bookkeeper or spend anxious nights balancing the books on a homemade excel spreadsheet.

Xero changed all that when it launched its accounting app in 2006. In true kiwi style Rod Drury and his accountant founded the modern, cloud-based product because they felt that traditional desktop accounting software had become outdated and cumbersome. The company is now one of the fastest growing software as a service (SaaS) companies globally, and New Zealand’s biggest global tech company, with over one million subscribers.

SaaS companies provide software applications over the internet that do not require you to download, manage or maintain them while you’re on an annual subscription. The emergence of SaaS has made many time-consuming processes obsolete in the business world, with business owners and employees breathing a collective sigh of relief.  Xero has paved the way for other kiwi SaaS companies such as VEND, a retail point of sale solution.

Other examples of business-to-business SaaS applications are Adobe, Dropbox and Salesforce. But did you know that Facebook is also a SaaS application? Once only consumer facing, this ubiquitous platform is now being successfully leveraged by businesses to ensure they have a presence where their target markets are spending time.

Interest in web-based alternatives to traditional on premise software is fuelling demand for easy to use and affordable subscription services. Businesses are turning to SaaS solutions due to their collaborative capabilities and intuitive design.

The knock-on effect to businesses, as they rely heavily on their web-based SaaS applications, is that they are less tolerant of service failures and downtime.  Cloud technologies deliver cost savings and scalable business solutions, but they need to be accessible.

A good business manager is digitally savvy. They streamline systems and ensure all operations are running smoothly. They identify potential cost-savings and introduce new SaaS functions to the business where these will add value. They ensure a crisis plan is developed and in place in the event of service interruptions.

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