A Year in Review

Over the last year,  TANZ eCampus has been very busy growing as one of the leading online learning platforms in New Zealand. This has seen the number of learners enrolled with TANZ eCampus triple in 2018 and the introduction of five new qualifications to keep up with demand.

Jo Miles, Sales and Business Development Manager, says 2018 has certainly seen great success for the platform and for learners.

“It is fantastic to see the growth in student numbers. It has taken a massive effort from the team to get the formula right and to develop an offering that students get excited about. This is positive for TANZ eCampus, but also welcomed by our learners – who are looking for flexible and supportive study options that could provide them with valuable new tools in their chosen careers.”

The new qualifications added to the TANZ eCampus offering in 2018 included three more strands to the New Zealand Diploma in Business – Project Management, Human Resources, Sales and Marketing, and two new Adult Teaching qualifications.

“These new qualifications are highly sought-after and give our learners greater choice – which is very important to us. Project Management courses have been very popular in 2018, as have many of our other business qualifications. It is great to see our learners engaged in our course material and it is encouraging that many of our students go on to study further with TANZ eCampus on completion of their course or qualification,” says Jo.

Not only were new qualifications added to the platform in 2018, TANZ eCampus also welcomed Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology to our group of partners. As one of the largest tertiary providers in New Zealand, this partnership brings the total number of tertiary institutes working with TANZ eCampus to seven.

“Our relationship with Toi Ohomai means more students are hearing about TANZ eCampus and so more learners are discovering the benefits of online learning. This partnership was a major development for the TANZ eCampus and we look forward to working closer with Toi Ohomai in 2019”.,” says Jo.

TANZ eCampus has many exciting developments on the horizon for 2019 and we can’t wait to share them with you. One of our favourite moments in 2018 has been sharing the stories of our learners and staff. All are inspiring, hard working and striving for a better future. Thank you to everyone who was involved. We will bring you more of these learner stories in 2019.